Link TOADs

Totally On-Chain Army of Degens


First LINK ecosystem NFT project built by the LINK community.

The LTOADs are a band of brothers, united by the call of breaking down, one by one, the information asymmetries of our world. They say an army is only as good as their general, as good as the enemies they fight, as good as the wars they embark upon. Wrong! We are only as good as the brothers and sisters who fight with us. Our generals are soldiers, like us. Our enemies are the shadows, the gaps in the narratives, the shady functions of unspeakable contracts. Our wars are missions, inspired to one goal: to build a decentralized world of which we can be proud.

We are the Link TOADs, and this is our story.

LTOAD are the heart of our community. Together we aim to increase the size of the Chainlink community and beyond. We work to improve the community and products of our ecosystem projects in a positive manner.

LTOAD GENERALS curate governance proposals and execute upon the decisions of TOADAO. They are LTOAD project founders, team members, major figures from BUILD projects, and prominent individuals from the LINK Marines and the Chainlink community. Generals will also be gradually added from among notable contributors to the LTOAD community.

TOADAO will govern the direction of the LTOADs, with all TOADAO members free to submit governance proposals and participate in governance votes via Snapshot. Do your part in helping the LTOADs march toward victory!


Built by long-term crypto, NFT and LINK OGs, LTOADs is the first NFT project with the long-term vision to connect crypto and NFT communities with each other and give its loyal, hardworking LTOAD holders the means to participate in other projects and earn rewards in the process.

Our immediate goal is to help give the Link Marines a breath of fresh air via a personalized and unique asset in addition to the LINK token. As one of the oldest, strongest, and most active communities within Crypto, the Link Marines now have a unique option for PFPs to signal their legacy within the Web3 community. We aim to increase LINK community by following positive values!

Our second aim is to embrace the "Pepe” meme together with other NFT and Crypto communities in a friendly manner and in doing so consistently reward LTOAD holders that actively contribute and participate in our community missions.

Our long-term vision is to establish ourselves in the Chainlink ecosystem as a supporter of Chainlink BUILD projects and other NFT/Crypto projects, helping to bootstrap growth through LTOAD community efforts—and, in the process, to provide community members with access to launchpad allocations, bounty rewards, and airdrops of the projects the community votes to support.

The LTOADs is a project by the community, for the community, and directed by the community!

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