Link Marine TOADS

Totally On-chain Army of Degens


A band of brothers, united by the call of breaking down, one by one, the information asymmetries of our world. They say an army is as good as their general, as the enemies they fight, as the wars they embark on. Wrong. We are as good as the brothers that fight with us. Our generals are soldiers, like us. Our enemies are the shadows, the gaps in the narratives, the shady functions of unspeakable contracts. Our wars are missions, inspired to one goal: to build a decentralized world we could be proud of. And this army has welcomed all, and all turned to degens, to heroes, to friends.

We are the Link Marine TOADs, and this is our story.


By the community, for the community.

Our mission is to help give the Link Marines a breath of fresh air by giving the community a personalized and unique asset to identify with in addition to the LINK token. As one of the  strongest and most active communities within Crypto, the Link Marines now have a unique and personalized option for PFPs to signal their brand within the community.

The LINK Marines

As owners/enthusiasts of Chainlink, us Link Marines are aware of the massive upside and industry-changing impact offered by Chainlink.

However, the market is taking a bit longer to realize that, so we band together under the likes of ChainLinkGod and others on Twitter to break down the information asymmetry against Chainlink and its ecosystem. Link Marine TOADs are just one more way for us to show our interest and bring attention to this technology and the community around it.

Our Equipment

Unique and 100% hand made artworks

Inspired by the legendary Pepe, and the LINK Marines community

CC0. No restraints or restrictions on your creativity. TOADs are yours as much as they are ours!

Dynamic NFT that upgrades while holding and unlocks future utilities

Access to the fully transparent TOADAO and its ecosystem

The Battle Map

Fulfill Mint Missions for guaranteed access

Minting Event

Post-Reveal Missions to gain access to future utility

Reveal Mission
to initiate Reveal

Access to TOADAO

The Mission Board

Our missions will help you get access to our exclusive leaderboard and after a specific score you will get guaranteed minting access. These missions can be personal or have to be achieved as a community. It's not just about you, you f**ing Degen.

Call to Arms

Recruit 3 LINK hodlers to the squad headquarters (Discord).

Blow the War-horn

Tweet about the squad using #LINKMTOADS.

Combat Resupply

Retweet the tweets posted by the official squad Twitter account.

Marine Dream
Meme Force
Culture Ambassador Duty

Contributors & Advisors


is a platform to launch decentralised communities and is the technical partner behind the project. They are a close partner of Chainlink and will be using Chainlink VRF to randomise the reveal as well as dynamic NFT elements - yes there will be surprises for you.

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has been supporting Chainlink since its early days and is an official Executive Advisor to the Chainlink ecosystem. He is plugging us into the community and supports strategically on every end.

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has been working in crypto for many years and market cycles as operator, founder and investor. He has been working with Ben for years and has helped to drive numerous community and ecosystem projects. He has published multiple papers on blockchain and privacy and recenlty co-authored a paper with Chainlink about CDBCs.

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Chainlink Ecosystem

is supporting us with AMAs, ecosystem project access and active feedback.

No BS - Innovation Studio

is a UX and product studio that helps Web3 companies design innovative and usable products which deliver friendly user experiences. With experience in NFTs, Crypto, Carbon Credits, DeFi, and DAOs, No BS guides teams through framing their challenge, defining and validating their solution, understanding their market and users, designing their product, and setting the foundations of their brand.

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Link Marines Community

have helped shape core “by the community, for the community” ideas of the LTOAD project.

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