The Manifesto

I ribbit every morning. I am one of 77 Generals, part of our genesis collection, part of a separate collection.

I can earn a slot or buy it on Secondary (not cool). Core Contributors and BUIDLers are part of our founding group, but the majority are still to be distributed. I might unlock additional benefits, but need to work hard to get there. I will direct and guide the TOADAO via on-chain votes and curation of community proposals. I can delegate my work to another General. We will decide together about new Generals to be elected. I am custom made for my first owner. I will leave my Anon name on-chain, forever. I will aim to follow core Web3 principles of collaboration, friendliness and leadership for new communities.

I ribbit every night. I am a GENERAL.

LTOADs Generals on Opensea >


Honorary, Pepe Creator


Chainlink Marine & builder


Co-Founder, Early LINK supporter


NFT OG, DAO member, Founder DegenArcade, Advisor to Galaxis


Community Lead LTOADs, Community Manager Space & Time


Honorary, Founder of Chainlink


Founder Truflation, Nuon Finance, Former CEO


Founder of No BS Studio


Founder of Impssbl1, StoryTech expert, Ex-Google


Director of BD & Marketing Galaxis


Founder of Atka, Crypto incubator, Early LINK supporter


Co-Host BaseSpace, Link Marine

@A B

Gaming Expert


Founder & CEO of BitsCrunch, TEDx Speaker


Dev Support LTOADs, CTO Galaxis


LTOADs Commander, loves DAOs


Breaking the atmosphere | Creating Space Missions | Galaxis spaceship


Marketing Strategy Co-Founder MDMA, Link Marine


Oracle theorist, Link Marine


DeFi Founder Blueberry Protocol


CMO Galaxis


Founder Galaxis


Master of Memes


CEO Space & Time


Smart Contract Support LTOADs, Galaxis

For Community

This could be you

For Community

This could be you

For Community

This could be you

For Community

This could be you